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Hi I am so glad you found your way to The Chrysalis Effect. My name is Elaine Wilkins and I suffered with M.E for 6 years.

My story may be similar to your own story, as it took 18 months before I was diagnosed as having M.E with endless symptoms like brain fog, muscle pain and insomnia. I lost the ability to concentrate, I had memory problems and was completely exhausted all the time. At one point I lost complete sensation down my left side and I was terrified I had a brain tumour or MS.

I went from being a successful businesswoman and a busy mum, to being completely bed-bound. I went from doctor to doctor and experienced first-hand (as you may have done yourself) a complete lack of understanding, and any kind of cohesive support from the medical community. Along the way, I tried every type of therapy that you can think of.

I lost all of my income bit by bit and even had to sell my home. I lapsed into a deep depression.

However, even on my darkest days I could not accept that this would be how things would be for the rest of my life.

Slowly through a journey of trial and error, I found my way to recovery and I have been well now for over 7 years.

It became my mission to help others do the same. I set about researching the common denominators of successful recovery. I’ve interviewed a number of others who have recovered from these destructive conditions and found that there were 8 elements essential to recovery, that every single one of these recoverers had tackled – and they were the same 8 areas I had worked on during my long journey to recovery.

The Chrysalis Effect program was borne of my passion to get this information into the hands of others currently suffering through these conditions, and help them cut short the long journey that I went through to recovery.

Before we go any further, I want to be completely honest with you

There is No magic bullet

There is No claim here of a “cure”

There is No quick fix

What we are offering here is a Guided Map to your recovery. Our program takes 6 – 9 months minimum. I know if you are like I was, you will want your Life back NOW! I wish I had a magic wand! It is a step-by-step journey that will guide you through all 8 elements essential to recovery.

Before you dismiss this program believing it is some fake “cure” or some sort of scam, consider this…

Whether you think you can
or you think you can’t,
you are right

If you think there is no way that you will ever recover from your condition, then you are most likely right. If you think that recovery is ‘impossible because ……, then sadly there is nothing we can do to help you and you can click away freely now.

However, if instead you believe in your heart of hearts, like I did, that there is no way you are going to live the rest of your life feeling ill. That there MUST be a way through this to a life of wellness, then I invite you to read on…

What is the Chrysalis Effect Programme?

Before I get into explaining what the Chrysalis Effect Recovery program is, let me tell you what it’s not.

1. Its not a quick fix cure or a magic pill or a new therapy - the programme takes 100% commitment to apply the information to your own life.

2. It’s not a scam to “make money off sick people” – Over 5 years of running this recovery programme we have helped hundreds of people recover. Many of them share their own stories within the program, real people just like you whose life got hijacked by a condition they did not understand.  It has always been important that the program is very affordable at less than 74p a day and the first 30 days are free to allow you to decide whether or not it is for you.

3. It is not “done for you” or “done to you” – You need to have a mindset of recovery and a will to take the journey to recovery through each of the 8 areas we cover throughout the program.

When I was trying to get well, I found a number of pieces missing from whatever was available to me for recovery which caused me endless frustration.

  1. There was no “guidemap” to recovery available
  2. There was no clear treatment plan for me to follow available
  3. There was no “joined-up” approach that gave consistency to my recovery
  4. There was no clear idea of which therapy to undertake, and when and for how long
  5. There were no role models who had recovered for me to follow
  6. There was no support available to me when I needed it in the middle of the night (the isolation was the worst thing about the condition as my family and friends didn’t really understand what I was going through)
  7. There was no explanation available to me of what was causing the symptoms I was experiencing
  8. Nobody understood the fear and frustration I was feeling
  9. Nobody was able to reassure me I could recover
  10. There was no honesty from those treating me around what was holding up my recovery.
  11. There was no specialist available with a proven track record to oversee the process and advise me what I needed.
  12. There were no books about recovery (only books about how to live with the condition)


The Chrysalis Effect program is a tried tested and proven, step-by-step map to recovery, which has been specifically designed to overcome all of these frustrations.

When you join as a member you will experience

  • A support network created by people who have been where you are and know how it feels
  • An easy to follow map which shows you exactly where you are in the 6 phases of recovery and reveals the exact steps you need to take to regain your health
  • A tried and test system which takes away the guess work from your condition
  • A complete online holistic recovery programme designed by those who have recovered so it has deep understanding of your condition and how you feel at every stage of your condition
  • An empathic and holistic programme designed to release you from the anxiety, fear and pressure of your condition (and that of your family too) . . . to support you every step of the way knowing you will get your life back
  • An online resource centre full of real life stories of other people’s recovery . . Discover how other sufferers went from bed or wheelchair bound to the best health ever and even running for charity.
  • A unique opportunity to discover your hidden triggers and how to avoid them . . . so that you build the confidence in having control of your life and your health again.
  • The chance to finally take control of your own recovery, have the support, understanding and tools you need to take the steps which will enable you to be released from this condition to live the happy, healthy and fulfilling life you truly deserve.


Who is the Chrysalis Effect Program NOT For?

This program is not for everybody.

  • If you don’t have a mindset that recovery is possible, then this program is not for you. We will provide the map, but you will need to take the steps to follow it.
  • If you are looking for a “pity party” to commiserate with others over your symptoms, then this program is not for you. We are all focussed on recovery and will support you on your journey.
  • If you don’t like to study at home and learn from videos, audios and downloadable pdfs then you may have trouble with the program as there is a series of home study lessons sent to you weekly that you need to implement yourself.  There is a community to support you and people who understand what you are going through, but at the end of the day it is up to you to implement everything that the chrysalis effect programme teaches you.

As soon as we launched a recovery programme, we have had our critics within forums and support groups and we do not shirk from answering concerns so here are the most Frequently Asked Questions.


  • If this program works, then why don’t doctors know about it?

Well actually they do - at least some of them do. It is part of our mission to educate the medical community, which we have been doing over the past year.  We have met with several doctors who are able to educate others. In the UK we have met with The Health minister and head of services for "long term and chronic conditions" (which actually is their label not ours).

It’s a slow process, but we are working to get more awareness. Doctors generally treat all of the symptoms as separate issues so we are working on training them to the treat the conditions as a whole.


  • If you really cared so much, why don’t you make the program completely free? Why do you need to charge (aren’t you just making money off sick people)?

Behind the scenes we have a load of expenses such as running the website and backend systems, paying our staff wages, all the expenses involved with getting the information out there and much, much more.

We’ve also offered free scholarships in the past and found that people really don’t value what they don’t pay for, and those people didn’t even use the program.

We’ve made the program as affordable as possible at only £24 per month after the first 30 days (less than 80p a day) so that even if you are on benefits, you should be able to afford it. You are paying a lot more by staying ill.

  • Will this program work for me if I’ve been ill for a long time?

Yes! we have success with those who have been stuck in phase 3 of recovery for many, many years. The challenge is for very entrenched ill health, especially if people have been prescribed years of medication there can be a lot to undo. In many cases people have been encouraged to ‘accept’ or ‘manage’ the condition. So if that describes your situation I would say as long as you believe in your heart recovery is possible then give it a try.

What Our Recoverers Say

"I was dubious at first but it's saved my life!"

"This programme has made a difference that I'll not be able to put into words. When I was first diagnosed last year I was introduced to people that had been ill for years and were either convinced they could not recover or did not want to recover. I was dubious when I first signed up to Chrysalis but it's saved my life, I really thought there was no point carrying on but this programme has addressed the "whole of life". Without this approach goodness knows where I would be. "

~ Jo

"Thank you for the best health week ever!"

"It's great to have a constant support that I can access any time of day. The course really helps me to feel like I'm on a path to recovery. Your material reminds me each day that regaining full health is a very achievable goal. Thank you for the best health week ever!"

~ Jessica Wells

"I am strong, fit and healthy again!"

“After seven years of living with CFS I joined The Chrysalis Effect. This was by no means the first treatment programme I had tried, I worked so hard on getting better, dedicating myself to treatments and lifestyle changes: pacing, meditation, yoga, the Lightning Process, EFT, supplements, diet changes, the Amygdala Retraining Programme, hypnotherapy, osteopathy and many more. And whilst I experienced some improvements each approach brought something new to the recovery process, it wasn't enough to achieve full recovery. It wasn't until I started with the Chrysalis Programme that everything fell into place. I think the main difference with this programme, over everything else I had tried, was that it had a much more integrative approach, I felt like I have held a magnifying glass over my life and inspected whether each part of it was serving me, or holding me back. This programme can be tough: there are some difficult questions to be asked and some hard choices to be made. As a result, in the past 11 months, I have significantly changed my life: I have tested every possible physical cause of the CFS and treated outcomes accordingly;

I think the biggest thing for me is that the programme - and the one to one support of a practitioner - have helped me to choose a different way to live my life, one that supports sustained health. I accepted that reclaiming my old life was not the answer for me and I have worked hard to create a new life, one which suits me like my gorgeous red dress, not like my jeans which are too tight and I try to squeeze into.  I am strong, fit and healthy again, and that people is the best feeling in the world.   Thank you so much”

~ Karen Cripps

"The Chrysalis Effect Program was essential for my self discovery
and path to my well being!"

Before CFS/ME I had done office work for over twenty years although I had studied art as a teenager. I took many stabs at varied jobs and vocations but although capable, I never felt successful or happy in anything, often feeling envious of the success of others. I rarely took holidays or breaks.

After a breakdown, I had a really bad bout of flu, which led to collapse and adrenal fatigue. I only felt safe in my bedroom and I shook with anxiety. I could not walk down the road, answer the phone, watch TV or use a computer. I couldn't sit and eat an evening meal with my partner, I had to take my meals in bed for a very long time. I ached and my muscles burned. I felt hopeless and broken.

My therapist friend introduced me to the program and I was very relieved to see that it was holistic and complementary health based. There was a creative aspect to the program too, which was great as it was something that I had neglected. The biggest health change was when I addressed my digestive problems and my sugar addiction. I also came to accept that I am an HSP! I am still trying to balance my energy level and often have set backs but I know then, that I need to withdraw, rest and recuperate. The Chrysalis Effect Program was essential for my self discovery and path to my well being. I'm not there yet but I now have more tools to look after myself.

~ Tracy Ferriss

"To have a programme that you can follow step by step, with guided help is amazing!"

I really appreciate the time and thought you are putting in to helping me, as I have been so ill and have been all over the place trying to get well. This is why I think your programme is so great. To have a programme that you can follow step by step, with guided help is amazing. I have been on many sites, read lots of books, but this, as far as I know is the only one that puts it all together in a step by step programme.  For someone with M.E, CFS. it's great because it takes the effort out trying to find the answers and searching other sites, which I found very draining and confusing. I don’t have to look anymore, I could focus on my recovery, knowing I am supported every step of the way, I don't know how to thank you - and I now have my life back.

~ Liz Samber

"What makes it unique is the coordinated approach!"

I chose the recovery programme because my partner found a YouTube vid of Elaine and Kelly talking about recovery from cfs. I was very firmly in denial but checked it out on his insistence and really to keep him quiet!

What makes it unique is absolutely the coordinated approach. I was seeing a psychotherapist, a chiropractor, a homeopath all separately with each believing they could make me well. I still see them but I now have a greater awareness of how they fit in. The greatest help has been understanding high sensitivity, seeing exactly how I got ill, knowing that I will get better. So, greater self awareness I would say.

Sorry I don't have many photos of me. This ones not great and I was actually quite poorly when it was taken in March this year. Sending it anyway, I've come a long way since then!

~ Janet Walker

"My symptoms are greatly improved!"

"I could go on for ages about all the horrendous symptoms I had when I started but here are just a few – complete insomnia, hopeless feelings of never being well again, tingling and numbness all over, painful joints, extreme fatigue, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, hair loss, cold all the time etc. etc… the list goes on.

However, my symptoms are greatly improved due the work I have been doing I am chuffed to pieces with what I have learnt since being on the programme and now I am confident that the new approach that I am mastering everyday will get me back to good health."

~ Katherine

"This is the only program that puts it all together!"

"I think your programme is so great. To have a programme that you can follow step by step is amazing. I have been everywhere, but this is the only one that puts it all together. "

- Liz


What’s in The Programme?

    OK we’ve covered the overview of the programme so now let’s look at it in more detail so you can see exactly how much great content and support you get from The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme and how it all fits together:

This programme is the step-by-step map you need for recovery!

And best of all, you’re going to join a like-minded group of fellow recoverers so you no longer have to suffer home alone but instead have the support, understanding and motivation of both of us and your fellow recoverers around you.      

We’re a little bit like a family and we love new members!


I found it so easy to follow, it was amazing!

My health was in a very poor state both physically and emotionally. I had tried over many years so many therapies/therapists with little improvement. When I discovered The Chrysalis Effect programme I was very impressed with the outline of the programme and the support that was on offer - I signed in immediately without hesitation.

The programme is easily understood and followed and covers each and every aspect of all M.E problems - at the time when I found the programme every day life was such an effort for me so the thought of following online programme was daunting to me but I found it so easy to follow - quite honestly it was amazing! I was quickly put in touch with Liz Dyde and Emma Chapman Sharp who have both been fantastic support to me - at last I was speaking to people that did not judge me but gave me 100% support and total understanding. At long last I had found both therapists and understanding and support from your organisation that did not make me feel "totally mad"!!!!

It has given me a true understanding of the illness, in exactly understanding and acknowledging the steps that led to the illness, I have realised that it is not my fault, I have learned so much information and easily understood all aspects of the information contained within the programme. The webinars are fantastic, it's so great for me to listen into them and revisit aspects of the programme that I had completely forgotten, it gets me straight back on track.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the programme to anyone - there is nothing to fear or be afraid of but there is everything to gain, the main gain obviously being recovery and getting your life back.

~ Marilyn Sadler

The support in the Facebook group has been invaluable

I chose the recovery program because I was desparate to find help. I had nothing to lose with the 30 day free trial. This was the first thing I tried. My GP was not helpful at all.

It has helped me understand what is wrong with me and why. Now I have a clear understanding of what and why this has happened to me. I now have the tools to recover. The support in the Facebook group has been invaluable from those who understand.

~ Rachel

When you join us you will receive a special gift to help you immediately with your recovery. . . .    


Your Gift from The Chrysalis Effect


How It Works …..Easy Peasy….

Step 1: Register for your FREE 30 Day Trial – Click Here

Step 2 : You will receive a welcome email, Your Health Profile and the introduction with your password so you can your access members recovery area

Step 3: Fill in your health profile, send it in and receive a personalised response and have the peace of mind of having a Free Health Review with a practitioner

Step 4: Enjoy your weekly recovery sessions, videos, audios and live webinars with the team and see and feel the immediate difference being with the people who know all about recovery.


Choose from 2 paths to recovery

1.    Work through the programme with the support of the Chrysalis Effect Team and Community

2.     Ask for a referral to an accredited Chrysalis Effect Practitioner who can offer 1 to 1 personal support and tailor the programme specifically to your needs.
[CE practitioners are independent and will give you a clear no obligation fee structure for your wellness plan.]

It is your choice - Either way you will have an opportunity to have a free health review


What it Costs

 The monthly cost for all this is only £24 per month – You can cancel at anytime


The Time Frame of The programme

There is no quick fix for ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia. The Recovery Programme is ongoing with review points every 3 months for you to address the 8 areas essential for recovery.


The Chrysalis Effect is simply everything I would have wanted to have when I was ill.

My promise is that you will be understood, respected and have access to everything it takes to regain your health. What we do works, however, It will be your journey and there will undoubtedly be changes you will need to make. Myself and the team pledge our full support and look forward to being with you as you recover and live life to the full once more.

Take a moment to imagine what you would love to be doing when you are back to normal or optimal energy levels. For me it was being able to do the everyday stuff in the home and garden and being able to go out socially rather than having to keep cancelling. This seemed so far out of reach that the thought of being able to work again seemed like an impossible dream. And here we are busying away helping others recover. None of that would be happening if this illness had not come into my life.

As your health improves, your horizons will expand and you will be amazed at what you will be doing and how much going through this experience will have changed your life in so many incredible ways. Everyone we have helped through this journey says how they feel it was a gift - it just didn’t feel like it at the time!

I look forward to reading your health profile and getting to know you and your aspirations for your recovery. "


Love and Belief,

PS. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme family. To join today, just click on the following button: